November 26, 2022

Are There Benefits to Digital Networking for Real Estate Professionals?

It is well documented that social media, like Facebook and Twitter, can be an invaluable tool to enhance networking in the real estate industry. A recent study by a digital marketing agency found that one in five would-be buyers turned to social media to find out more information about residential listings online. It also found that 80 percent of those potential buyers rely on this form of digital marketing when looking for their next home purchase. Despite its popularity today, many experts have been hesitant to fully endorse this new form of marketing.

Pros And Cons Digital Networking For Real Estate Professionals


1. Mobile services

Using a smartphone to access digital networking platforms makes real estate professionals much more accessible to clients. Whether it’s texting new listings, sharing researched market trends, or responding to a client’s questions in real time, the ability for mobile users to communicate via social media is quickly becoming an essential part of business for many realtors. An expert City of Westlake Florida realtor knows the best tools for mobile marketing.

2. Live conversations

Many people enjoy using social networks because of the ability to interact with others in an open and honest conversation. This live conversation can attract new leads and prospective customers to your agency if done regularly. Finding the right balance is up to an expert City of Westlake Florida realtor.

3. Proven lead generation

A recent National Association of Realtors report found that only 45 percent of agents use social media to generate new leads. This type of digital marketing allows agents to be in contact with a potential buyer throughout a conversation rather than relying on cold calls and email responses. Your trusted City of Westlake Florida realtor will incorporate the perfect mix of marketing tools to get the best results.


1. No guaranteed results

Unfortunately, some experts warn that users may not find any benefits to using social media because they may only receive a deluge of automated responses with no chance for a face-to-face conversation or follow-up with companies or other individuals. An experienced City of Westlake Florida realtor knows how to get results, fast.

2. Storage issues

One of the biggest problems many iPhone users have had is storage issues. Digital networking can be a great way to engage with potential buyers, but it requires a lot of time and commitment to land a quality lead or make a lasting connection. An expert City of Westlake Florida realtor will have proper technology in place to ensure no storage issues are incurred.

3. Safety concerns associated with private pictures

One of the biggest concerns that may prevent some people from using social media for real estate purposes is that private pictures and personal details can be seen by third parties if they are public on an online profile or some other digital media platform.

Despite the pros and cons associated with this type of marketing, experts agree that the practice is worth researching if you want to enhance your agency’s marketing efforts. Adding a digital profile can provide more details about your services, show off some of your best properties for sale, and provide clients with live responses to their questions. You trusted City of Westlake Florida realtor uses only licensed photos with a comprehensive privacy policy so that your data is never shared.


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