February 20, 2023

The Advantages of Living in a Walkable City

The urban landscape has radically changed over the past few decades. Cities now have various features, including high-rise apartments, large office buildings, fast-food restaurants, and other commercial enterprises.
A walkable city like the City of Westlake has a high degree of street connectivity. It has sidewalks, wide footpaths, street trees, and traffic calming measures like speed bumps, roundabouts, and pedestrian refuge islands. Vehicle traffic moves more slowly, and the city is organized to make it easy to get around on foot. Here are four advantages of living in a walkable city like the City of Westlake.1. Reduced Obesity and Chronic Disease

Obesity is a global problem, with the highest rates in western developed nations. Chronic diseases occur when the body bears the brunt of an unhealthy lifestyle. Walking and other forms of physical activity are good ways to stay fit and healthy. They help you maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. A city with a high proportion of walkable places is ideal for an active lifestyle. Between the Adventure Park, trails and more the City of Westlake is a health haven.

2. Greater Social Interaction

Social interaction in a walkable city provides numerous benefits. People with social anxiety can overcome their fears. Other people can approach you if they want to talk instead of texting, emailing, or calling. With greater social interaction comes better relationships, more trust between people, and more opportunities for learning about others. There are also many benefits of social interaction for those without social anxiety. People of different backgrounds and cultures can share their ideas and experiences, and the City of Westlake has thriving and diverse community.

3. Improves Happiness and Mental Health

The sheer enjoyment of walking can contribute to better mental health and happiness. Many people prefer walking to other forms of physical activity because it is easy, convenient, and free. You can go at your own pace, take breaks when you need to, stop and look at interesting things along the way and enjoy the fresh air. Mental health problems like depression, stress, and anxiety are common these days. It is important to cope with these problems in healthy ways. Walking is an effective way to de-stress and remains in touch with your feelings. The City of Westlake is completely walkable and the perfect place to call home.

4. Community Cohesion and Social Capital

Social capital is the network of social relations that extends beyond the nuclear family. It refers to the collective value you gain when you interact with others. Social capital can be built through community participation, social interactions, and relationships between members of society. When people interact with the same people for years on end, it builds trust and creates a more cohesive community. An active community is more sustainable than a city where people live in their bubbles.

A walkable city like the City of Westlake has good pedestrian infrastructure. It is easy to navigate with well-marked streets, easily accessible public transport, and convenient amenities. You can walk to connect with nature, your friends, and neighbors or just relax and de-stress. A walkable city helps you live a healthier and happier life. To learn more about Santana Real Estate or the City of Westlake contact us today to learn more.


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