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Konover South’s Shoppes of Westlake Landing Land Parcel to be Filled with New Stores

Konover South’s Shoppes of Westlake Landing Land Parcel to be Filled with New Stores

Look out for the City of Westlake‘s brand new retail development located on the SW corner of Seminole Pratt Whitney Road and Persimmon Boulevard. A plethora of restaurants and stores are planned to be built, such as Habit Burger (includes a drive-thru), 3Natives, Sauced BBQ & Whiskey Shack, Taco Bell, and KFC. An Orange Theory Fitness gym, dentist office, and Go Greene Dry Clean will also be in the strip. The fast food restaurants will have a new and improved look to them, different from other building designs around the country. The parcel of land has been completely filled and will be a great addition to the City of Westlake

Don’t expect your typical, run-of-the-mill KFC or Taco Bell. The designs of these fast food chains have been completely re-imagined over the past two years and will feel more like walking into an Apple store than a fast food restaurant. KFC’s food packaging alone has been beautifully redesigned, and the interiors of the new locations throughout the U.S. are stunning. Not only has KFC recently unveiled a new logo, many new of their new locations include double drive-thru’s as well as separate entrances for online order pickup. 

These “next-gen” branded Kentucky Fried Chicken locations are just the first wave of large fast food chains revamping their image; Taco Bell included. Taco Bell’s “Go Mobile” redesign was unveiled across the country last year. The new look, similar to Kentucky Fried Chicken’s, also includes dual drive-thru lanes as well as a modern, cleaner architectural design. Many of the revamped Taco Bell locations also include “bellhops” – masked employees to take orders on digital tablets should there be a resurgence of COVID19 cases at any time. 

Taco Bell has also unveiled multiple, completely unique building designs in various cities including a drive-thru Cantina in Danville, California. The look and feel of both the City of Westlake KFC and Taco Bell are highly anticipated and will be unlike any other fast food experience in the Palm Beach area. 

An important fact to know about the City of Westlake is its walkable aspect. It’s safe to stroll all 7 miles, and with the price of gas, you can’t beat living somewhere where everything is within a walkable reach; including the upcoming entertainment and mixed use space; Zeus World, formally known as Adrenaline World. Kids and adults of all ages will enjoy laser tag, miniature golf, fun virtual reality games and much more. The City of Westlake truly is the place to be.  

The City of Westlake is shaping up to be a lovely family friendly town for Floridians. The high tech fast food chains and the many attractions are sure to fascinate any visitor, or local resident. It’s exciting to see what else this wonderful new town has in store (no pun intended). There is so much to do and expect with the new developments, and the Shoppes.

The City of Westlake is a great investment overall for young families, retirees, and everyone in between. It’s a homey, trendy yet natural atmosphere, and a beautiful place to enjoy life. Contact us today to learn more about all things City of Westlake

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