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The Perks of Florida’s Newest City; Westlake

The Perks of Florida’s Newest City; Westlake

Westlake is a new city in the state of Florida. Westlake was created because of the rapid population growth in the area. Its construction started in 2010, so it is still expanding rapidly with buildings, new homes, and shopping areas. Here are some of the perks associated with the city of Westlake.

Business opportunities

The city of Westlake is home to many big companies. These companies are mostly restaurants and buildings that sell different clothing, electronics, and furniture. Many people visit this area to shop for the things that they need. For example, the Westlake Town Center is under construction; hence there will be job and business opportunities in the city of Westlake.

A New Community Vibe

Westlake is a wonderful place to live in. This brand new town is very clean, quiet and safe. It’s a very family-oriented place with no crime. Westlake is designed to be a place where people who want to raise their families in a safe, recreation-focused atmosphere can connect and enjoy all the perks of modern resort-style living and an old-school neighborhood feel.

Affordable homes

The house prices in Westlake are very affordable. It doesn’t cost much to buy a home in the city itself. The homes are median-priced from $550,000 and slightly upwards, compared to neighboring cities that cost $800,000-$15,000,000.

Healthcare services

There are many different healthcare facilities nearby in Westlake. One very close to this new city is the Wellington Regional Medical Center which is close to the city. Other facilities include Doctors Hospital of Sarasota and Blake Medical Center. These hospitals offer all the amenities needed to treat patients and keep them healthy in a convenient location close to home.


The city of Westlake has many recreational facilities for its residents. There are golf courses and parks close by for people to enjoy. The Westlake Adventure Park is open exclusively to residents and their guests. These places allow people to relax, exercise, and recreate to keep their bodies in a healthy condition.

Public services

There are many public services in Westlake. These services include police, education, fire protection, and public utilities like water, sewer, and natural gas, which are very important for everyone’s health and safety. They are very important to the lives of everyone in Westlake. The city also has many public transportation options for people to use when traveling. There is a bus system and train station, many places to shop, restaurants and parks that residents can enjoy.


Westlake’s weather is warm for most of the year. The summers are hot and humid, but the winters are mild. The hottest month is July with an average temperature of 87.2 °F (30 °C) and the coldest month is January with an average temperature of 52.1 °F (11 °C). The bright sunshine and warm weather are one of the main advantages of living in the city of Westlake.

Good schools

There are many schools in the city of Westlake. These schools provide an excellent education for children while they grow up. They offer different public and private school options for children of all ages. Students succeed and achieve at high rates from preschool to elementary school to secondary school. The schools offer sports, clubs, and activities to help keep their students engaged in learning. Schools are one of the main factors for young parents to consider when moving to an area, and Westlake allows you to check off this very important box.

Pleasant neighborhood

The city of Westlake is very appealing to people. The city is very clean and beautiful. It has a cute, family-oriented neighborhood appeal and upscale feel. The houses are energy-efficient and modern, with all the amenities people need to live comfortably in this new area. Many parks and local recreational activities help residents meet different interests and make new friends from all walks of life who enjoy the great outdoors.

In conclusion, the city of Westlake is a brand new city in the state of Florida. This city has many new and exciting things to offer people to make them enjoy living in this area. The opportunities are endless. Whether it’s finding a new job or buying a house, there is always something to do in this town.

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