August 25, 2021

Westlake Florida Has All the Amenities You Didn’t Know You Needed

When thinking of settling in Florida, Westlake realtor is an ideal place for you. The town guarantees maximum security and encompasses about 4500 homes. Therefore, any family can settle in the region. It has many social and recreational amenities that make it a fun place to live. It is strategically located close to beaches; Royal Palm Beach to the east, Wellington, and Southern Boulevard to the south.
Social amenities like the Westlake realtor Adventure Park, bike trails, access to great schools, resort-style pools, picnic areas, grill areas, and basketball courts are also available. Life can never get boring when you have these features at your disposal. Read more in this article to learn about the beautiful life in the town.

Adventure Park

The Westlake realtor Adventure Park is an ideal place to spend with your loved ones. It covers a fifteen-acre space and is covered with resort amenities. The park is strategically located to host residents from Sky Cove and Sky Cove South. Within the park, you can enjoy many fun activities, be it with your partner or children.

The park host a large 360000-gallon swimming pool. This is a fantastic place to enjoy yourself with your loved ones during the summer. Also, you get to interact with other residents and meet new friends. Surrounding the swimming pools are chaise lounges and swaying palms. Here, you can enjoy your favorite foods and drinks, not forgetting accommodation. Kids are not forgotten as well. There is a fun Adventure playground and splash pad. In addition, the park hosts a 3-story Tower Slide that you and your kids will love to play on during the weekends. There are grills and picnic tables that you can reserve for your family celebrations. Not forgetting, you can enjoy the park at night at the even lawn and concert pavilion for outdoor entertainment.

Bike Trails

Westlake realtor Park has wide sidewalks that link the beaches. Therefore, when you are a bike lover, you are sure to create some time to enjoy your hobby. The park is used for many activities like picnicking, fishing platforms, dock, and ball court. However, cyclists also use the park for riding and meetups. The wide sidewalk runs along Sheridan Street, interjecting the International Waterway.

Healthcare Facilities

Health is a significant concern when choosing a neighborhood. Anything can happen at any time, and quick access to a health center can save a life. Therefore, when looking for a home in Westlake realtor, you are guaranteed the best hospitals in the country. These operate on a 24/7 basis and accept insurance payments from many platforms. Hospitals like JFK Medical Center, JFK Medical Center- North Campus, and Wellington Regional Medical Center are four-star rated and guarantee top medical care. Besides, they provide emergency rooms to deal with urgent issues whenever they arise. Advanced medical procedures are also offered in these facilities, and you don’t have to be referred to hospitals in other towns.

Access to Great Schools

When looking for a permanent home, education for your kids should be a priority. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about Westlake realtor since it got you covered. There are excellent schools for your children right from the elementary level. Loxahatchee Groves is a top-rated elementary school located along 16020 Okeechobee Blvd. in middle school; there is the Osceola Creek along 6775 180th Avenue North. Seminole Ridge Community High School is an excellent high school for your children besides private schools like Cambridge, Greenacres Christian Academy, and Ideal School of Leadership. There is Burnett International College, Florida Atlantic University – Jupiter Campus, Keiser University, and Palm Beach Atlantic University at the college level. These are top-rated schools that will guarantee your children top academic excellence.

Picnic Pavilion

Westlake realtor has a grand picnic pavilion in the Everglades National Park. You can enjoy many activities during your picnic, like fishing, boat riding, and nature walks. You are not allowed to swim because of the presence of alligators in the water. You can also use tables as a platform for drinks and parties with your friends and family. The lake to the west view offers a fishing ground for those interested. The complex includes a boat ramp and short boardwalk nature trails to include more fun activities.

Basketball Courts

Basketball is a game loved by many. Therefore, when looking for a home, you will want to consider easy access to one. However, you want a basketball court located in a safe zone and has the amenities you need. Designers of Westlake realtor realized that you would be interested in this fun game and have strategically located basketball courts in different parts of the town. Depending on the region you decide to live in, you can access any of the following basketball courts; Poinciana Bank 1300-1498 S 20th Ct, TY Park Atlanta St, St Ann’s Church NW 8th St, and Dixie Park 911-1007 NW 7th Terrace. These are top-rated outdoor basketball courts that you can visit and have fun moments playing with other basketball lovers. Also, you can get to meet top basketball players and train with them as they visit often.


When looking for a home, you have to consider a place you would visit to restock your basic needs like groceries. Westlake realtor has all you need, including grocery stores, cafes, children’s playrooms, interior design shops, electronic shops, supermarkets, among many more. There is nothing you’ll miss is the – no need to travel a long distance from looking for an item. You’ll be sure to find it all at your fingertips.

When deciding on a home, you want easy access to the things you need. Right from basic needs like education and hospitals to fun places like adventure parks. Westlake realtor offers you the best homes in Florida and ensures that you find these amenities at your disposal. Security is a top priority for the town, and you don’t have to worry about safety.


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