October 29, 2021

What Are the Top Traits to Look For in a Realtor

Although it is true that it takes money to make money, there are a few important factors that help make it true. If you are a real estate agent, you can think of it as owning your own small business. Because of this fact, many of the traits you see in small business owners you also want to see in a real estate agent. We are going to break down the biggest qualities that you want to see in your real estate agent below.


They Possess Excellent Time Management Skills


In the real estate business, your Westlake realtor‘s attention and time are getting pulled into multiple directions each day. This is why it is essential to have fantastic time management skills. On any given day, they may have to juggle client consultations, team meetings, dealing with lenders, working with contractors, and keeping multiple clients updated on their home buying or selling process. They also have to find time to create comparative market analyses, respond to inquiries and emails, and file and log their expenses. Then, there are community events, networking, and prospecting to find time for.


If your real estate agent does not have good time management skills, something will fall inevitably through the cracks. Maybe they do not see a key listing that you were excited about, or they do not respond to your queries in a timely manner. Since the real estate market is hot, this could mean that you lose out on your dream house.


They Have Great People Skills


People skills are one of the most important traits to see in your prospective real estate agent. The whole industry revolves around relationships. So, it makes sense that a Westlake realtor‘s people skills or lack thereof will directly impact how well they grow their influence and network. Your agent has to be able to switch those people skills on when they need them most.


Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that many experienced Westlake realtors rely heavily on referral or repeat business from past clients. So, if they have very good people skills, this will help to ensure that they are right at the top of people’s lists when it comes to referring new clients to them. If your agent does not have good people skills, they can be very difficult to work with, and this can cost you when you buy or sell a home.


They Embrace Creative Thinking


The entire real estate industry keeps changing and expanding, and online marketing is taking over and playing a huge role in how customers find agents. It is important that any Westlake realtor you pick has creative thinking skills so that they can come up with avenues to stay ahead of the competition and current. Most small business owners have this same challenge when they first start. Being able to think creatively will also impact how your Westlake realtor can negotiate on your behalf. It can also help them come up with marketing strategies for their listings, and this can help them spread their influence.


They’re Good Self-Motivators


It is critical that any real estate agent you choose have self-motivation. They have to be motivated enough to do the work to earn their certification and keep it current. Being self-motivated will also help them find the hottest properties and negotiate for them on your behalf while staying ahead of the competition. This trait can help carry you through the whole transaction process, no matter if you plan to buy or sell.


They are Very Organized


Being organized is another critical skill Westlake realtors have to possess. It’s essential that they have a good system in place to help them keep everything organized, especially if they are working with multiple clients. They should keep thorough records, have a detailed meeting schedule, promptly return inquiries or calls, and update the contacts. Also, they should have well-organized paperwork, photos, and property files. Organization should be a huge priority to help everything else go smoother in each transaction.


They Have Great Attention to Detail


Each Westlake realtor has clients that are counting on them to know the real estate buying and selling process inside and out because they will use this knowledge to guide their clients. Any errors, omissions, or missing paperwork can blow a sale or buying process. Also, not being able to do in-depth research is a great way for your Westlake realtor to cost you thousands of dollars. You want to ensure that any Westlake realtor you work with pays very close attention to all of the details and fine print. It does not matter if they are starting out or if they are an industry veteran; being detail-oriented is a key to ensuring they can help you finish your transaction without any huge setbacks.


They Know the Area Very Well


If you are relocating to another part of town or a different city and you do not know the area, you need a Westlake realtor who does. You want them to know about the local demographics, traffic patterns, school districts, entertainment areas, and shopping opportunities. The last thing you want is to purchase a property and move into a brand new location and find out that it lacks a few amenities that are extremely important to you.


They Constantly Monitor the Market


Finally, any Westlake realtor that you work with should keep a very close eye on the market. The real estate market is in constant flux, and a buyer’s market can easily switch to a seller’s market quickly. A good Westlake realtor will know how transactions are going at all times, and they can spot trends very quickly. They should let you know if the target area is starting to heat up or going into a decline. This is invaluable knowledge to have if you are going to try and argue the price of a piece of property or if you’re considering or making offers.


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